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A Day In The Life Of A Stor-Age Manager - Matthews Mogale

We asked a number of Stor-Age managers to tell us about their day-to-day life at Stor-Age. Over the next few weeks you will get a chance to gain insights from staff from all walks of life across South Africa, as they detail how they feel about their jobs and what makes them tick. The series kicks-off with Matthews Mogale, Store Manager at Stor-Age Midrand.

"“I can do it, they can do it, and we can all do it.” A small glimpse into a Stor-Age manager’s pre-game pep talk just moments before arriving for duty. When you work for the company that is rewriting and pioneering a new age in South Africa’s self-storage industry, you cannot help but take on each new day with the intention to create an atmosphere that encourages excellence. It’s up to you and your team to make the day count!

Store Manager at Stor-Age Midrand, Matthews Mogale

A Stor-Age manager’s day takes-off with the first employee you rely on to make the day ahead a success, yourself! When the sun sets, your team, your customers, and your branch is ultimately left with an imprint of your energy. At Stor-Age we deal with people from all walks of life and their own mix of circumstances, it’s all about meeting them at their level. We do more than just rent out space; sometimes a friendly Stor-Age smile and efficient service are just the right ingredients to get our clients through some of the more trying periods of their lives; whether they decide to take storage with us or not.

The top priority at each branch is to give our customers the Stor-Age experience daily and that means making sure that first and foremost the facility is welcoming and inviting even before the Facility Assistant (Ed. On-site cleaning and assistance specialists) walks over to welcome them to what I like to refer to as an extension of their homes. Personally the best part of my day is the people aspect, meeting the many people that visit our facilities on a daily basis makes it feel less like you’re at work and more like you’re part of something bigger. It’s not just limited to the people aspect, the exposure to other fields within the organisation itself brings new and exciting chapters in the life of a Stor-Age branch especially during property development and remodelling.

To sum it all up, being a Stor-Age Manager is reserved for those with a large outlook on life. Every day is charged up with plenty of challenges, sometimes a tear or two but what makes it worthwhile is ending-off the day knowing you made an impact in the company and more importantly, you made an impact on your customer!"

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 22 February 2016 | News And Events