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Already Lost Your New Year's Resolution?

It is reported that almost all New Year's Resolutions have been given up or failed by the 6 January. Here at Stor-Age we are not convinced that New Year's Resolutions are all they are cracked up to be but we are sure that if it is worth doing then it is worth doing right and that there is no better day to start than today. Take a look at some of the most popular New Year's Resolutions and how Stor-Age can help you achieve them.

Save money
This is an easy one for us, you need storage and you want to save some cash. Check out the amazing R1 for your first month offer featured on the popular 2OceansVibe website.

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Be more organised
Nothing says organised like a clean house or office. It's time to clean up the junk and make use of a self storage unit. As a rule if you have not used it within the last year it is time to let it go. Best to sell it or donate it to charity but if you just cannot let go for sentimental value then a self storage unit is the perfect answer.

Exercise more
Do you have an exercise machine that is currently being used as a clothes hanger? Perhaps it is collecting dust in the garage? Now is the time to store those items that are cluttering the house and get the machine back out where it belongs. Another novel idea is to setup a small gym in your self storage unit. Then you will have a place to work out without cluttering your home.

Stop smoking
Well we can't directly assist with this we can say that all of our stores are no smoking zones. So visit us more and we will make sure that you don't smoke while you are here.

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Be more charitable
Do you want to clean up the house/garage and help others at the same time? We are currently running our Create Happiness campaign in conjunction with Round Table. We are looking for any donations of any unwanted books, clothes, toys and non-perishable items at their nearest Stor-Age store where they are safely stored. These are then distributed to various charities in need across the country.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 January 2014 | Tips And Hints