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Appliance and Furniture King: The royal retailers giving homes the look for less

What would our homes be without quality appliances and comfy furniture? Think about it. From our morning cup of coffee to evenings spent entertaining family and friends, the useful products elevate our everyday lives and make ordinary moments marvellous. 

With appliances playing such an important role in our lives, Sakhile Hlophe started Appliance and Furniture King to give homes the ultimate look for the less. Based in Pretoria, the team offer locals a range of high-quality appliances for a fraction of the price. From smart TVs and soundbars to affordable demo fridges and dishwashers, homeowners can get their hands on the latest tech without paying the price. 

We recently visited Sakhile Hlophe at his Stor-Age unit in Brooklyn to learn more about Appliance and Furniture King and how they’ve become top dogs in the industry. 

Tell us more about Appliance and Furniture King? 

At Appliance and Furniture King, we sell your home appliances, both new and refurbished which include demo appliances at affordable appliances. We offer some of the best quality and well-known household appliances with reputable brands.

How does Stor-Age help Appliance and Furniture King? 

Stor-Age helps my business in many ways. First of all, the facility is centralised. Stor-Age Brooklyn is in a central point of Pretoria so I can easily serve clients from the CBD side and more into the East side of Pretoria. 

Secondly, they help me with convenient storage space. Some of the appliances need a lot of space and Stor-Age has excellent facilities. We are dependent on online activity most of the time, we don’t have a centralised store so we literally depend on Stor-Age to keep our stock. I have a sales team that works online that puts out adverts online so people can see what we have. They then come to Stor-Age to pick up their orders. 

You mentioned that you have a large customer base online, how do you use digital marketing to find your customers? 

We’re killing the social platforms. We have a Facebook page as well as an Instagram page where we post pictures of our products for our customers to easily find what they are looking for. We also use other advertising platforms like the Classifieds and OLX, and are pushing towards having a website. We’re not rushing it though as we want to get it right. 

How did the COVID-19 lockdown affect your business? 

COVID-19 was tricky. We had to learn how to navigate the pandemic which can be difficult as an outlet store. It was also an interesting time for our business because people were home during the pandemic so we got a lot of attraction for our electronics because people were looking for entertainment, but at the same time the country went into an economic decline and people had to start budgeting. 

Where do you see Appliance and Furniture King in the next five years? 

I will obviously still be with Stor-Age! If I do expand, I will simply rent more Stor-Age units. The market is getting tough, but I see the company sharing part of the pie. I also hope to get our website up and running the way we want it and help our staff find financial stability. 

Looking for the best appliances and furniture for a fraction of the price? Head to Appliance and Furniture King’s social media page to get your hands on their incredibly discounted products. You can also find out which appliances will give your home the ultimate look for less on our blog. 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 28 January 2022 | SME