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Are Your Stored Items Safe?

Are you happy to leave those prized possessions in storage? Are they going to be safe and ready for you to use when you need them again? These are some concerns you may have when you start using self storage. Here are a few things you should check your self storage facility has to ensure that your items are safe.

Access control
Most self storage facilities now have an electronic gate that you can use with your pin, tag or fingerprint. If your facility does not, you may want to consider who actually has access to your unit door. This is the first line of defence for protecting your storage.

More than just a deterent for the would-be-criminal, cctv footage allows your storage facility to provide crucial information in the event anything does go wrong. Even an older self storage facility should have this form of security as it can easily be installed at any time. Take a look around your storage unit for cameras to make sure you are covered.

Fire equipment
This is a non-negotiable. Take a walk around the self storage facility you want to use and make sure they have all the necessary extinguisher and hose reels. You should check that they are close enough to your unit should you need them as well as the sticker on the equipment indicating the last time it was serviced. All fire equipment should be serviced annually.

Often overlooked but vitally important. A well light storage facility is usually a safe one. When your storage unit is well light it not only deters any unwanted activity it also allows you to use the storage easily.

There are numerous things to check when deciding if the storage you want to use is safe. Is the facility clean, is there electric fencing, is the perimeter fence secure, are they linked to an armed response company. Ideally your self storage facility will tick all these boxes.

If you are not sure, then ask them to send you a confirmation email detailing their security measures. Peace of mind and great service is what you should have when you leave your valuables with a self storage company.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 24 January 2011 |