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Awesome Adverts From The Web Highlight Self Storage Ingenuity

You could hardly describe the self storage industry as 'sexy', but it is one of the largest and most robust property sectors in the world. There is approximately 59,500 self storage facilities worldwide (SSA 2014). So how do you stand out from the crowd? As with any other product a great marketing campaign can go a long way to convincing a potential customer. We scoured the web for some awesome self storage adverts and came up with this selection.

Big Yellow - UK - Or stop buying things...

Big Yellow Self Storage - stop

City Stash - USA - Your doll collection scares people

City Stash Self Storage - dolls

Kennards Self Storage - Australia - Girlfriend doesn't understand? Keep it at Kennards

Kennards Self Storage - moose

Stor-Age Self Storage - South Africa - For when she says she's moving in and there's only enough space for her

Stor-Age Self Storage - man in box

Manhattan Mini Storage - USA - Storing at your parents' means you have to visit

Manhattan Mini Storage - parents

Public Storage - USA - Are you running out of

Public Storage - space

Manhattan Mini Storage - USA - Your closet's so shallow it makes Paris look deep.

Manhattan Mini Storage - Paris

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 31 January 2014 | Take A Break