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Connecting businesses with the help of self storage

Growing your business can be a challenging task, particularly in the current economic climate. If you want to achieve business growth and reach your objectives, operations need to run smoothly and efficiently.

We have worked alongside thousands of businesses to help them grow by providing affordable, convenient, safe and flexible self storage.

We recently spoke to one such business owner, Peter Nel, owner of Indlovu Connect, who rents a unit at Stor-Age Lyttelton, located in Moreleta Park, Pretoria East. Here is a little of his story.

indlovu connect

An effective contact solution

Indlovu Connect is a reputable contact solution provider, focused on call centre and business process outsourcing. They provide a number of different contact services including inbound, outbound, blended and omni-channel.

Peter believes that to offer an effective contact solution you need to focus on individual customer requirements.

“SME’s often find it difficult to obtain an affordable contact/business process partner that is also a provider of high quality and future-proof services. Very often the established premium contact providers require too many seats to make the proposition viable for SME’s,” Peter says. “Indlovu Connect was created to remove this obstacle and allow even small businesses to access premium quality outsourced services, while also being able to cater for very large contact-focused operations.”

“Along the way, Indlovu Connect has faced a number of challenges, one being market scepticism, but we have forged our niche.”

The benefits of business self storage

Stor-Age focuses on providing safe and secure self storage across South Africa. We help Indlovu Connect by offering secure storage and enabling the company to manage the movement of their staff more easily. “I have seen the benefits that self storage has to offer, which include the quality of the facilities, which are secure as well as neat and tidy, staffed by well-trained, helpful staff,” Peter says.

Stor-Age offers state-of-the-art security with units that are individually alarmed, insured and have off-site CCTV monitoring. 

We understand that the size of the space you require may change from time to time, which is why we offer businesses the opportunity to upsize or downsize as necessary, at no extra cost.

If you need a business self storage solution, call us on 0861 18 18 18 or get an instant online quote.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 August 2019 | SME