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10 self storage tips for your business

Has your office reached its space capacity or is your business equipment making its way into your home? Running out of space is a real problem for businesses across South Africa, especially younger companies that are entering a growth phase.

business storage tips

The reason so many businesses turn to self storage is that it gives you the convenient and flexible space you need so that you can focus on growth and expansion. Knowing how best to use your self storage space is important, so we’re letting you in on our top ten business self storage tips.

Our top ten business storage tips:

  1. Plan your space

Before you start moving items into your self storage unit, step back and plan the space. Decide which items should remain in your business space and which should be moved into your unit. With 50 stores across South Africa, there is a good chance that a Stor-Age store is only five minutes away, meaning if you urgently need an item in storage you won’t have to travel far.

  1. Pack in a systemised manner 

Before storing your business items, categorise everything so that you can easily can find what you are looking for (files with files, stock with stock etc). Label all boxes, containers and drawers correctly so you can easily find what you’re looking for. A good idea is to colour code your boxes or use numbers as references. Alphabetise files and documents where possible.

  1. Draw up an inventory list

You could spend ages searching for an item in your storage unit that is no longer there. Create an inventory list of your items and ‘check out’ when you remove them from the unit. This way you’ll know exactly what is in your unit.

  1. Use appropriate packaging

Try to pack your items into similar sized boxes where possible. Boxes stack easily into a unit and you can seal them with tape to protect them further. Make sure that you carefully store your confidential files or other important business items to avoid damage.

  1. Choose the correct unit size

We offer a wide range of unit sizes to best suit your needs and our professional team will be able to guide you on what sized unit is perfect for you. With us, you only pay for the amount of space you need for as long as you need it. Use our handy space estimator tool to calculate the space you will need. Remember that with Stor-Age you have the option to upsize or downsize whenever you need at no extra cost.

  1. Place your boxes strategically

Make sure you can easily gain access to boxes or items that you’ll need often. Place the most important boxes at the front of your storage unit and make sure you have enough room to move around to get to items at the back. Going vertical is a good way to ensure this - use the height of your unit which then leaves space for walkways.

  1. Make use of value added services at our stores

We offer a variety of additional services to help transfer, distribute and pack your belongings. Use our trolleys to move your items in and out of your unit and take a look at the selection of packaging materials we have in each of our stores.

  1. Storing a fridge or freezer?

If you are storing a fridge or freezer in your self storage unit, make sure they are completely dry and store them with their doors slightly ajar. This will stop any mould forming, keeping them ready for use when you need them again.

  1. Avoid rust

Metal items will rust over time if not protected. To prevent rust, wipe all metal surfaces with a good rust protector and make sure there is no water or moisture on the items. Check these items each time you visit your self storage unit.

  1. Pack smartly

If you are storing cupboards or drawers, use the space within them as additional storage areas. This way you’ll maximise the space within your unit and be able to store much more, saving you money by not requiring a larger or additional self storage unit.

At Stor-Age, we pride ourselves in offering business self storage that is tailored to your specific requirements, so why not give us a call to see how we can help grow your empire. 

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 08 April 2019 | SME|Tips And Hints