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Celebrate Battery Day

Today is Battery Day, the day we get all charged up about the invention of portable electrical storage. It's difficult to find the origins of this day but some attribute it to the birthday of Allesandro Volta. Volta was an Italian physicist and the inventor of the electric battery. (source National Day Calendar). Still finding the origins of Battery Day is not nearly as difficult as trying to imagine our world without this ingenious electrical storage system. Portable game players, cellphones and digital cameras are all powered with batteries.

low battery storage
Self storage doesn't run out of power

At Stor-Age we appreciate the value of good storage space and a battery is an excellent example of a valuable storage device. Another thing that batteries share with self storage is the wide array of sizes they come in. From tiny pill-like batteries for watches to large car batteries to make sure our vehicle gets going, batteries are found all over our world. In fact you are probably reading this on a device that has a battery in it right now. Each battery made to fit your unique device, as with self storage there is a shape and size that will suit your storage needs. Don't believe it? Check out our self storage Space Estimator.

If you need a quote on some space in your life or just want to say happy Battery Day, then email us at or give us a call on 0861 18 18 18.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 17 February 2013 | Take A Break