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Containers Become Homes For Homeless

Shipping containers have many uses. Arguably the primary purpose is for storage and transport of goods across various shipping lanes. But what happens to these containers that are damaged, no longer used or simply abandoned. Well one solution has been to solve the problem of housing. Revamped storage containers are being used to house the homeless in the UK. In Brighton, England many people are set to receive their new storage container home. The structures are easy to install and far quicker to construct than traditional methods.

Take a look around and you will see the concept has not been lost on the Americans who have also implemented some storage container homes. This Self Storage Finders article details storage container homes in the USA as well as Hawaii. Picking up on great ideas and making them better is something that South Africans do very well. Check out this beautiful structure by Citiq Developments at Mill Junction.
"...the coolest student residence in Johannesburg. Watch as Citiq converts unused grain silos into student accommodation towering 14 storeys above the ground with unrivalled views across Johannesburg. Conveniently situated less than 2 kms from Wits and UJ..."

Please remember that converted storage containers and self storage units are two completely separate services. You cannot live inside a self storage unit.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 24 February 2014 | News And Events