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Darlings of Design Gallery 2015: Stor-Age Makes The Grade

We are proud to be selected amongst the top 40 exterior designs for self storage, recently posted by Inside Self Storage. The post, titled Darlings of Design Gallery 2015: A Visual Showcase of Superior Self-Storage Exteriors, highlights a number of facilities around the globe that have innovated their architectural look and feel to ensure the customer's perception of self storage is clean, neat and contemporary.

"Charming. Contemporary. Commanding. While these adjectives are often applied to the exteriors of homes or office buildings, they’re now also being used to describe self-storage facilities. New techniques and materials, architectural flair, and even innovative site layout have elevated self-storage design to new levels and trampled preconceived notions of how a facility should look. Whether on a small lot near a busy intersection or sprawled across a several acres along a bustling highway, these properties feature style and substance to create memorable exteriors."

"This tour of facility design shows the many ways to enrich the look of self-storage properties today. The image gallery focuses on examples of impressive design for site exteriors. Provided by developers, management firms and property owners, the following pictures demonstrate how a splash of color, a nod to the community’s history, building height, distinctive architecture and other traits can radically change the look of a facility and command attention."

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 September 2015 | News And Events