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Did someone say shopping? Top thrifting spots in Cape Town!

Known worldwide for its unmatched natural beauty, Cape Town is also home to some of the best thrift and vintage stores in South Africa – a serious bragging right for this stylish city!  

Whether you’re a student on a budget searching for bargain deals on furniture or want to elevate your style with a few vintage pieces, we check out a few top-rated thrifting spots in and around the Mother City. Bring along your reusable shopping bags – it’s time for retail therapy! 

Second Time Around 

This well-known vintage shop in Voortrekker Road in Goodwood has just undergone a massive refurb. Its retro offerings boast a large selection of goods ranging from sundresses to classic accessories and even men’s suits when in stock. Upgrade your look with everything and anything from the roaring 20s to the extravagant 80s and present-day style. 


Travel back in time to the 50s and 80s by visiting this thrifting haven situated on Long Street. From scarves, hats and gloves to all clothing types for all genders, this store will ensure you go home with tons of vintage items you always knew your style was missing. 

Anything Goes 

Living up to its name, Anything Goes stocks just about anything you can think of. From old appliances that need to be restored to second-hand furniture that may need a fresh coat of paint, you’re bound to find a few unique pieces at this well-loved retro store in Hout Bay. 

Second Hand Rose 

Known as a top spot for stylists looking for vintage 1950 pieces, the Second Hand Rose is a must-visit whether you’re interested in buying, selling or trading items. Make your way to Claremont and get ready to stock up on beautiful vintage womenswear, costume jewellery, bags and hats thanks to this treasure trove.   

Never New Store 

For the festival lovers out there, the Never New Store is a must-visit! From coats and shoes to racks of bold 80s throwbacks, you’re sure to go home with a unique look that will take your festival Instagram fashion shots to the next level.  

Unfold Preloved 

Do your kids seem to outgrow their new clothes as soon as you buy them? It's the universal struggle of parents everywhere. Fortunately, Unfold Preloved in Wynberg boasts a wide selection of quality second-hand items for children. From vintage pieces to tiny coats, pop into this store and kit your kids out with some second-hand delights. 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 November 2022 | Tips And Hints