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Did You Know Stor-Age Can Provide You With Access Reports

Choosing a self storage company is usually about location. Most users want to store their goods close to home. It makes sense so that you will not have to make long trips to fetch or drop off items in your self storage unit. Nobody wants to travel far to fetch the microwave, business stock or even some important documents. However there are also many other factors such as price, extra benefits, other services offered or safety and security that will persuade a customer to choose a specific self storage store. Did you know at Stor-Age you can receive an access report to show when someone has entered the facility using your access tag?

This can be quite useful in a number of cases. Your tag us unique and well let you know if another family member or employee entered the facility. Our Store Manager can generate a report to let you know the date, time and even the duration of their visit to our site. Quite useful if you want to check up on working hours or if you want to find out which family member borrowed the gas braai. All you would need to do us give us a call and your Store Manager will be able to email or print you a report with your desired dates by searching for the specific access tag. No more wondering where the business stock is or when employees arrive / leave for work.
The use of access tags serves the double purpose of letting you know who is visiting your unit but also to improve security at Stor-Age stores. The use of access tags ensures that unauthorised entry to our self storage facilities is limited. In addition the date and time stamp on the access report allows us to quickly identify the correct place to investigate the CCTV footage and provide further resources if needed. Choosing a self storage company should be about convenience. Access reports is just another way we hope to make your self storage experience a little easier.

Access tags are just one of the many benefits when you are tenant at Stor-Age. Check out our website and read about the other benefits of self storage.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 02 March 2015 | Tips And Hints