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Do Not Rent A Self Storage Unit If...

Self storage in South Africa has come a long way. Gone are the days that customers are happy to store their goods in dilapidated containers, poorly built garages or in industrial / farming areas far from home. Instead the self storage industry has quickly adapted to international trends with many stores opening that meet or exceed what is available around the world. Extras such as packaging sales, van trips and trolleys to move goods have become an expectation rather than a benefit. With all these innovations it is hard to know what self storage company you should choose. Here are five key things to look out for to make your choice easier. If you spot any of these things, consider carefully if you would leave your valuables there.

1. Dirty store
A clean store is a store that is well looked after. Take a look at the entrance area, the reception and critically the state of the storage unit door. If the door is dirty and dusty then staff are not cleaning. This could indicate that the store is not being looked after as it should. If they don't look after their own property what makes you think they will look after yours?

2. Leaking unit
In the rainy season you may see damp walls inside the self storage unit. However in summer you are far less likely to spot this. The thing to look for is white marks on the wall, similar to a lime scale build up. This is the telling factor to determine if you're unit leaks or not. It goes without saying that water is not a friend for any items in storage.

3. Refurbished containers
Some companies will offer a better price to store in a container that was previously used for cargo on container ships. These containers are used for as long as possible on the ships and only when they are deemed unseaworthy are the sold to land based users. Would you want to store your goods in a container that is no longer worthy of storage? Containers are fantastic for self storage but will need to be new in order to protect your valuables from the elements. Unfortunately new containers are on the sea.

Carrying boxes at Stor-Age Gardens

4. Weeds
Observe the road and paving area at the store you want to use. If you see weeds or plant growth in areas they should not be this is a big sign that the owners are not taking care of the property. In addition have a look at the green areas. Are they overgrown with weeds, are they being watered, does it look like someone cares about the first impression of the store. These are all factors to determine if this self storage store is kept in tip-top shape and by extension your valuables.

5. Customer service
Your first impression has been made by what the store looks like. Now the staff have another chance to make an impression. Storage staff should want your business and this should be indicated by standing up to greet you with a smile and making you feel like you are important. If they are finishing their computer game or look like you are interrupting them you have no obligation to store there. Choose a self storage company that makes you feel at home. After all your self storage unit should be an extension of your home.

Pop in at any Stor-Age branch nationwide to see if we live up to these standards. Looking for a quote for self storage but not sure what unit size to choose? Check out our handy self storage space estimator.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 16 February 2015 | Tips And Hints