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Does Your Self Storage Facility Practice Safe Storage

Let's face it, if you are storing something it is because you believe it has value and you would rather not sell it at this moment. So what is your self storage facility doing to practice safe storage?

The next time you visit your self storage facility take a walk around and look for the fire extinguishers, if there are none that should be a big warning sign. But even if you do see them they may not be of any use. Take a closer look at the last service date and check the gauge on the fire extinguisher to ensure the pressure needle is pointing in the green area. Clean and serviced equipment like this is an excellent way to tell if your self storage facility is being looked after.

Stor-Age security feature fire extinguishers

No smoking signs are another good safety measure at a self storage facility. No smoking means a reduced risk of fire and keeps your stored goods safer. Take a look around and check if your store is adequately signed. Further to this you could take a look down the rows of self storage and in the bins to see if there are any cigarette butts to confirm that this signage is in fact being adhered to.

Does your self storage facility have smoke detectors? It's a small detail but one that could end up saving you a fortune in the event of a fire. Obviously everyone would hope that this feature is never required but it does help with your peace of mind to know that in the event there is a problem that this safety measure is available.

Another simple and easily installed safety measure is exit signage. This should be illuminated or flourescent and be visible enough to help you to find the exit in the event of an emergency. Exit signage is not something you would often notice but when there is a situation where you need to leave the building urgently it is imperative you can find it. Broken or missing signage is a tell-tale sign that your storage facility is not being looked after and possibly neither are your valuables.

Stor-Age security feature luminescent signage

Visit a Stor-Age branch near you and check on these safety measures to ensure you will be comfortable leaving your valuables with us. Call 0861 18 18 18 for a quote. Check out our other safety and security measures.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 04 April 2014 | Tips And Hints