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Donate A Dress - It's Your Turn

Not too long ago we ran a story on "It's Your Turn", an organisation dedicated to providing dresses to the underprivileged. Here is a short note from Ryan, who heads up It's Your Turn.

Anyone for a wedding?

I love the way the internet works. I dig it so much in fact that I am basing the whole charity of It’s Your Turn’on just that, social media on the internet platform – and good old word of mouth of course.

Let me get a little further into why I am so stoked with the whole system right now though. You see, a few months back I wrote a blog which was posted on the stor-age site. The guys are a special bunch over there; and they have provided me with MUCH needed storage space for the dresses I collect. The dresses are collected from those who do not use their dance dresses any longer; then sold in the townships, at a pittance, to those girls about to enjoy their end of year dance.

The storage is a vital cog in the machine and now things are working really well due to the middle ground of being able to store the dresses between the amazing donators; and the excited new recipients.

Well a reader of the stor-age website saw the blog about the dresses and promptly dropped off her (or perhaps her step sisters that she was not to fond of) wedding dress for us to find a home for! I actually now have two wedding dresses thanks to the huge generosity and hope to collect a whole lot more... plus of course hundreds of dance dresses too.

It does make sense doesn’t it?

You rock just for reading this. If you have a dress or perhaps know someone else who may have one to donate, send them my number 0835771123 and I will come and collect.

Yes that’s me with the wedding dress...I might have a ring in my pocket too if you play your cards right!

Ryan Scott
It’s Your Turn

Take a look at Ryan's bio here. Where you will also find a link to his blog.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 20 May 2011 | Charity