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The value of flexible leases for start-ups

Launching a start-up is an exciting time in any entrepreneur’s life. There will be moments of joy and without a doubt there will be moments of stress. At Stor-Age, we understand this journey and aim to help start-ups reduce the stress through flexible, safe and convenient business self storage solutions.

Andrew Jenman, founder of Earthview Lighting, rents a unit at Stor-Age Gardens with a flexible lease, allowing him to upsize or downscale on a monthly basis depending on seasonality. Earthview Lighting, an online and projects business focused on decorative lighting, specialises in distribution of decorative and custom-made pendants supplied from both South Africa and abroad.


One of the most intimidating steps in the process for many start-ups who require space is having to sign a long-term lease for a warehouse or the like. This not only puts financial pressure on the start-up but also limits the business from growing or downsizing as needed.

Comments Andrew, “Stor-Age came along at the exactly the right time when I started this business two and a half years ago. When I found out about Stor-Age I realised that I could get exactly the size unit that I needed to store my stock. This convenient and flexible lease agreement makes storage a perfect model for SMEs – especially those in the start-up period as you don’t have to commit to long-term leases which is a huge strain on small businesses.”

Andrew adds that the freedom of being able to run your own business is extremely rewarding. He believes that the key to starting a successful business is to try and identify what it is that you enjoy and to sustain it. Earthview Lighting is Andrew’s second distribution business - the first was the sales of ladies’ footwear. His current front-office setup differs to his previous one which had a traditional model as the warehouse, sales and marketing was based in an industrial area which required the signing of a three to five year lease.

Comments Andrew, “The convenience of self storage is amazing. It feels way more secure at the facility than having an office with storage in a light industrial area. The controlled system of entering ensures security while still having easy accessibility. I’ve just taken on an extra 15m2 because I’ve got a lot of projects on at the moment. If my projects reduce in the next few months, Stor-Age allows me to then reduce my storage unit size. If I didn’t have Stor-Age, I’d have to have a very stressful discussion with my partner to sign on a larger space.”

He continues, “Start-ups normally rent larger spaces because you have to commit to the business growth. Not having to sign long-term leases is a game changer for smaller businesses.’’

If you need secure, flexible and convenient business self storage that has the best interest of your SME at heart, feel free to give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 or view our various facility locations here.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 28 November 2018 | SME