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Expanding your e-commerce business with the help of self storage

Growing an e-commerce business in the retail industry is a difficult task. With an increasing number of competitors in an economically sensitive environment, innovation and dedication are key to make sure you reach your goals and grow.

As a business, you need to develop a strategic and tactical approach to become an industry leader.

A prime example of one such business is Ilitye, a clothing brand established in 2018 by Ndoyisile Ncobela. The idea was sparked by the need for simple, quality clothing in the South African clothing market. Ilitye, still in its early growth phase, is available online to the South African market.

The road to success

Ilitye doesn’t have an office but is operated out of Ndoyisile’s home. From here she runs the entire business, from administration and marketing to arranging orders and keeping customers happy.

We asked Ndoyisile who she seeks business advice from and the answer was fellow retail shop owners. This was her advice for other small business owners, “The most important advice I can give to someone who wants to start a business is that they must just start their business. Most people spend too much time planning, creating and re-creating their business ideas without actually starting the business. My advice is to take that action, take that risk and take that first step.”

Many businesses go through challenging stages in their operations and need to find ways to overcome these difficult times. “Our biggest challenge is getting customers to recognise the brand. To overcome this, we've started social media pages where we advertise the business and we are hoping that opportunities like these will help us build the brand.” 

The benefits of self storage

With no office, space naturally become a problem for Ndoyisile as her business started to grow. So she came to us for help and never looked back.

Self storage is an integral part of Ndoyisile’s business model. “Since we currently operate as an online store, we keep our stock at Stor-Age at a small monthly cost, where we are able to access it easily when customers buy online. The benefits have been the low cost and the peace of mind from knowing that our stock is safely stored.”

At Stor-Age, we understand our customers and their needs. By providing convenient, flexible and affordable self storage, we help businesses lower their costs and run a successful operation.

If you need a business self storage solution, call us on 0861 18 18 18 or get an instant online self storage quote.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 28 May 2019 | SME