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Features You May Not Expect From A Self Storage Company

When you think of self storage you may picture warehousing, old rusted containers that can no longer be used at sea or perhaps rows of garages out in industrial areas or extremely rural farm locations. The truth is that self storage has moved on quite a bit from then and is now available much closer, as an extension of your home. The facilities are now well maintained, aesthetically designed and offer customer-centric retail areas for all sorts of packaging requirements. Here we detail a few of the features that you may not have expected from a modern self storage facility.

Business Centre
Our customers are offered free access to wifi and an area to relax and conduct their business activity while visiting their self storage unit. This allows the on-the-go manager to keep up to date while being close to their stock.

Feature business centre

Directional boards
A self storage facility is a maze of corridors and passageways, accentuated only by unit door numbers and fire extinguisher. Each row looks like the last, that is why we have directional signage in strategic locations to make sure you know where your valuables are kept.

Feature directory boards to help you find your way

Easy roll-up doors
Traditional self storage facilities had heavy duty doors that required substantial effort to open. We understand that security is important and have put a number of measures in place but we also know that making our customers lives easier is important. That is why our secure doors are easy to open and glide effortlessly.

Feature easy rollup doors

Extra large lifts
If you have ever had to move a couch up or downstairs you will know it is a struggle. This is why our lifts are exceptional quality and extra large to make sure you can move your goods easily.

Feature extra large lifts

Motion detection lighting
Our lights only turn on when they are needed, this is so that we can save electricity and help the environment. Take a walk around our stores and see how they work.

Feature motion detection lighting

Tagless exit
All though we require access controlled entry, for safety and security we have tagless exit doors. This means you can simply swipe your hand and release the door.

Feature tagless exit

Free use of trolleys
Moving your valuables made easy with free use of trolleys situated on the ground floor next to our lifts. Now moving that heavy fridge or extra business stock doesn't have to be so hard.

Feature use our trolleys

Access control
Our access control entry gates offer peace of mind to those visiting our stores. Each tenant is issued with a unique entry tag to allow entry and exit to the self storage facility.

Security feature access control

CCTV security
Key points throughout our stores are monitored by 24 hour cctv cameras. These cameras are a great deterrent and help us follow up on any issues that may occur for our customers peace of mind.

Security feature CCTV

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 August 2016 | News And Events