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Festive Clutter Solved

At this time of year you will probably find your home full of extra things, including presents, wrapping and decorations. The last thing you want is to have guests in a cluttered house or be left with a room full of goods you don't need until next year. A great idea to prevent this clutter is adopt a "1-in-1-out" policy. In other words for every new piece of clothing/furniture/appliance you receive you must take one out of your home.

This may mean donating to charity or selling the other items. If you absolutely cannot part with that special item then putting it into your very own self storage unit is probably best. A great rule of thumb for deciding what must go is to decide if you have used the item in the last year. If not, then it is definitely time to go.

At this time of year many charities are looking for donations, you can even drop your unwanted goods at any of our Stor-Age branches and we will make sure it gets out to Round Table for distribution. Selling the unwanted items can also raise cash for those presents you have been eyeing. Seasonal decorations can always be boxed and stored for use next year. For more tips and hints for your self storage click here.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 20 December 2010 |