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How to safely store your festive season decorations

As the festive season starts to come to an end, the time has come for many families across South Africa to begin packing away their festive season decorations.

While early December is an exciting time when the decorations are taken out and put up, it can also be a frustrating time as you try to unravel tangled lights, tinsel and find broken decorations that may have been passed down the generations.

The key is to know how best to store these items and so in this blog post we share a few tips and tricks to help you along.

Storing festive season decorations

  • Wrap your string lights around a piece of cardboard. This will help stop the lights from becoming tangled and you’ll save a lot of storage space.
  • Tinsel has the tendency to get wrapped up in other decorations and it can become impossible to unravel. Store tinsel in a plastic water bottle or an old soda bottle (cut the top of the bottle off).
  • Pack your baubles in a plastic container with bubble wrap. Put bubble wrap on either side of each level to stop them cracking. If you need bubble wrap, the good news is that all of our stores stock a selection. View our list of packaging items
  • If you have a faux Christmas tree, wipe it down and cling wrap it. This helps to prevent dust and preserves the tree for longer.
  • Use a hook to hang your wreath to make sure it is taken care of and not left lying around.
  • Use self storage! You’ll save plenty of space at home and you’ll be able to rest assured that your items are looked after.

Make sure you look after your festive season decorations this year by following these simple tips. This way, you’ll be able to preserve them for years to come and hopefully pass them down the generations. You’ll also save yourself a lot of frustration when it comes times to take these items out again.

Safely store your items at Stor-Age

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 03 January 2020 | Tips And Hints