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Five Awesome Photos Of Self Storage

We trawled the web looking for entertaining photos about self storage and shared them on our Pinterest wall called "Fun with self storage." Here we pick out a staff selection, of the more entertaining images, to bring you the top five most interesting or funny images we have found for self storage.

A classic from noting how many couples move in together and end up with duplicate furniture like fridges and couches. Off course it is usually the woman's sense of style that is the winner and everything else finds a home in a storage unit.

If you have ever left a box on the floor (or anything else for that matter) you will know why the cat is labelled as one of the most curious creatures. This should inspire you to purchase a few foam chips and then crack out the video camera. Who said moving day had to be boring?!

The Daily Dilbert is a huge hit with fans the world over, here they use a witty procedure for offsite document storage, also known as 'file 13' or the trash. We hope that this is not how any of our self storage units are used.

Nobody wants to hire expensive movers so a great way to save money is to ask your friends. Naturally offering to help after you know they have hired movers is much easier. Here are Five Ways To Get Your Friends To Help You Move and just in case you are in trouble... here are Five Ways To Out OF Helping Your Friends Move.

If you have ever moved a couch you will know that the door it came into the room through has somehow and inexplicably gotten smaller! Hiring professional movers can help, however that can become expensive. On the other hand, so is a new couch! This image is an amusing take on what happens when you try and move on your own.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 24 April 2015 | Take A Break