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Five Essential Self Storage Tips And Hints

With the increase in popularity of television shows like Storage Wars, Storage Hunters and Auction Hunters, South Africans are becoming more aware of the benefits of self storage and the alternative of simply using warehouse space. Self storage has the advantage over warehouse space as the goods are kept securely in your own unit and not with other goods, as well as having access to your goods without the need to schedule a visit or pay a fee. However there are many other tips that can help you decide what self storage company to use before you move-in.

1. Check the notice period
Renting self storage space is like renting any other property, you will need to sign a rental agreement that details the terms of your rental. Providing notice of your intention to vacate the unit is one of the terms. Each self storage company varies on what they require, however the generally accepted notice period is 14 days before the end of the month. Bear in mind that the end of the month may not fall on a convenient day for you and so you should plan ahead. As with renting a house, there is usually another tenant waiting to use the space you are vacating. To avoid the stress and rush contact a removals company that can assist you or get hold of a few friends that can help you on the day.

2. Do they recommend removals companies?
The self storage company you choose should be able to recommend a reliable and more importantly, cost effective removals company. Activity at a self storage facility peaks at the end of the month as customers need to move into their new homes or out of their old homes. Removals companies are thus also busy at this time and often increase their prices. Booking ahead of schedule with a recommended removals company can save you time, money and quite a bit of stress on the moving day. Ask your self storage provider for a list of recommended removals services to get the best deal that is convenient for you.

Self storage tips and hints

3. Check the access hours, not just the office hours
Self storage has the advantage of being accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However many self storage companies have restricted access times. Your rental agreement should detail the access hours as well as the office hours of your chosen service. Remember the office does not have to be open in order for you to visit your self storage unit to take out the braai for the weekend or add a few extra items from your garage.

4. Is there packaging?
If you are moving home or packing business stock you will find it can be surprisingly difficult to find packaging, such as boxes, bubble wrap and mattress covers. Your self storage store should provide a full array of packaging options to store your valuables safely. One of the most important things to cover is your mattress to prevent build of dust and ensure it is in a good condition when you need it again. Using old boxes that may have contained food items is not a great idea, as these can attract pests and have a tendency to fold, resulting in damaged goods.

5. Cleanliness is king
Your first point of contact with a self storage company may often be through their website, driving past their store or through a phone call. All though any of these mediums may influence your final decision to use the service, bear in mind that it is difficult to replace the condition of the self storage store. A clean and well-kept store shows that the manager is looking after the property and is much more likely to care about looking after your valuables.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 August 2013 | Tips And Hints