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Five Essential Tips For Moving Home

So many South Africans are on the move between cities and even within cities. Some are undertaking the 'big move' from Johannesburg to Cape Town or vice versa and others are staying within their own city. Irrespective of where you are moving there is the daunting task of packing everything that you have accumulated over the years and moving it to a new home. Here are five essential tips for moving home.

1. Do it slowly
Planning your move one room at a time rather than trying to move everything on one day will save you a lot of stress. Choose one room and make sure you know what is going and what is not. By packing boxes one room at a time you will know which room they need to be unpacked into and you will avoid the overwhelming stress of thinking you have to pack everything all in one go. In each room start by boxing the items you won't need and end with the items you use daily. For example in the kitchen you may opt to box old tupperware and kitchen appliances while leaving the microwave out for last. You can always microwave a quick dinner on the moving day.

2. Don't take everything
You could throw everything you own into boxes and black bags and then cart it off to your new home but then you would have the same clutter in a different place. Instead take careful consideration of what you want to keep and what you really don't use. Throw out or donate items you are not going to keep. By doing this you can save on transport, storage and packaging. If you haven't already realised that you need a lot more boxes than you think, you will when you start packing. Only take the items you need and save on boxes for the items you really want.

Five essential tips for moving home by Stor-Age Self Storage

3. Use a reputable removals service
Yes, you can save some money by using a cheaper service. No, you can't replace the family heirloom they broke or lost. This is a service that can be costly but the benefits are huge. A good removals company should put you at ease, remove the stress of packing and moving and make you feel like they care about your stuff. Packing all of your belongings is hard work and getting someone else to do it for you, especially when they are professionals, can a big time saver. Not sure who you should be using? Check out any of our stores locations pages for some removals companies we recommend. Here is a sample from Stor-Age JHB City.

4. Self storage is an answer
You don't have to feel pressured to paying for a new home until you find the correct one. Self storage is the answer for temporary safe housing of all your valuables until you know you have found the house that is going to be your home. Moving is a costly and time consuming affair, self storage is a much cheaper alternative to having to move again once you find your home. Also remember you only have to rent the space you need. If you are not sure of how much self storage space you require then check out our handy self storage space estimator.

5. Cover up
Cover everything. A plastic cover is a relatively inexpensive purchase and can save you on cleaning later. Often items such as mattresses are left in storage for months and when they are removed are full of dust or pests. By using plastic covers for your valuables you can protect them and ensure that they are in good condition when you get them back. Think about using bubble wrap for TV's tables and chairs as well as glassware to protect them further. The cost of replacing this furniture will far outstrip the cost of the proper packaging materials.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 July 2013 | Tips And Hints