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Five Places At Home You Should Not Be Using For Storage Space

Whether you are living in a small apartment or a sprawling household bordering on a hotel you may find that you have fallen into the trap of using these specific places in the home as storage space. This is simply taking up space that you could utilise in a far better way, cluttering your home and in general in the way of your life being easier. We have identified five key areas in your home that could be reclaimed for a better purpose.

1. Under the bed
Out of the way yes but the saying 'out of sight out of mind' also applies here. Chances are if you have thrown something under the bed (and we are not talking about your dirty laundry here) then you have also not used it in while and probably completely forgotten it was there. Solution - pull out the extras and get them into a storage unit asap. This will help clear your home of clutter and make those items more conveniently available, when opposed to rummaging through all the junk stored under your bed.

2. Your partners cupboard space

Entirely apart from being morally wrong! The space in your partners cupboard is for their own clothes and possessions. If you need more space than this a great solution is using a self storage unit as a seasonal walk-in closet. Winter clothes for winter and summer for summer. Not only will this clear out your partners cupboard, it should make choosing an outfit in your own cupboard much easier as well.

3. Your garage
Many people choose to store items in their garage and the convenience of having items that you seldom use at home is understandable. What is not, is parking an expensive vehicle outside, exposed to the elements and at risk of theft. Park your car in your garage and your stuff in a self storage unit. Ideally the storage company that you choose will be close to home and have flexible access hours, much better than a claim with your insurance company for your precious vehicle.
4. The spare room
A spare room is for keeping guests... not stuff. We all have the tendency to put items in the spare room with good intentions of dealing with it at a later stage. The reality is we never get round to it and this room becomes a dumping ground. Start clearing it out today, pack your items into a self storage unit and use the room for something far more enjoyable... Start a new business, create a games room, your own hideaway library or a place for friends to crash.

5. Anywhere but a self storage unit
Your home is supposed to be a place where you can escape and relax the from the pressures of life. Clearing the clutter can allow you to enjoy this space far more than a home full of extras. A self storage unit should be an extension of your home, a conveniently located place to drop off and collect items you don't use on a daily basis. Take a look at our self storage locations and get your online quote today.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 29 January 2016 | Tips And Hints