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Five Self Storage Mistakes People Make

As the leading self storage brand in South Africa, Stor-Age is dedicated to making your self storage experience as easy and hassle free as possible. We are passionate about what we do, so here are a few tips that we have learned that you can use when choosing self storage.

1. Buy the biggest padlock to lock my self storage unit

This is actually not necessary and potentially costly. The security of your goods is a priority at Stor-Age and to that end we have CCTV cameras, entry tag access, electrified fencing, alarms linked to armed response and on site personnel. The security of your goods also rests in the anonymity of self storage. Any person looking to gain access to the facility will have to select from hundreds of units in the hope that what they find is of value. Your padlock, although the last line of defence, is only a small part of your security.

Large padlock

2. Choose the cheapest self storage facility you can find

Looking to save some cash on your monthly rental? Good idea. Looking to save some cash by choosing the cheapest self storage facility? Not so good idea. Taking a look at an operators' website is not always the best way to get a picture of what their self storage facility actually looks like. It is easy to load great looking images of a clean and well maintained store but much harder to keep the actual store looking the same. Be sure to visit the self storage facility before you go ahead with your purchase and ask a few important questions. What type of area is the store in? Is the garden well kept? Is there anything broken? Does the office look clean? If they are not looking after their own property chances are they are not going to look after yours.

3. Don't give notice

Almost every self storage operator will ask for a deposit on the unit you rent, similar to renting other properties. This deposit can be returned to you once you are finished using self storage but it is important to give the correct notice period so that the self storage facility can schedule a new tenant to use your vacated unit. Some stores may require up to a months' notice, at Stor-Age we only need 14 days. Make sure you let us know and get confirmation so your deposit can be returned timeously.

4. Rent a big space

Choosing a larger space will mean you will have more space to move when looking for items or moving items. However with self storage the more space you rent the more you pay. If you don't need access to your goods frequently then choose the smallest space to suit your needs and pack items you may need in front. Only if you need access to all your stored items should you choose a larger unit, for example when storing business stock and you may need to remove a specific product from the back of the unit. A small saving in monthly rental can quickly add up to a large cost at the end of your stay. Make sure you choose a self storage company with a variety of unit sizes. We have made a handy space estimator so you can get an idea of the space you may need. Off course feel free to contact our friendly staff for professional advice.

Model aircraft in a self storage unit

5. Don't cover your goods

Yes your items are stored in a secure self storage unit but that doesn't mean it may not collect dust. Ensure you use plastic covers for your couches and mattresses and boxes for items of clothing. Using bubble wrap for fragile items will also help to prevent breakages. It may cost a little more to pack your self storage unit correctly but you will be glad when you remove the items as good as new in a few months time. Your self storage facility should sell a wide range of packing material to make sure your stored items are protected.

We pride ourselves on making your self storage experience exceptional, take a look at what our customers say.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 03 August 2012 | Tips And Hints