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Five Things That Are In Self Storage But Shouldn't Be

What do people actually put inside their self storage unit. Well we can tell you the variety of goods stored, found and/or abandoned in self storage is immense. However we have found that most people store things they really should not. With self storage you get what you pay for. That may mean quality or location of the self storage store but it also means the size of the self storage unit that you are renting. The more storage space you need the more you pay. So it stands to reason that you would only store what you intend to keep or what has value, whether that would be monetary or sentimental value. However we have found five things that are most commonly found in self storage units that really should not be in there.

1. Magazines
The staggering number of units that contain magazines is testimony to the fact that we normally keep these easy reads in our homes, offices or on coffee tables. However putting them into storage is just not a good idea. When stacked they are heavy and take up space. This is not only extra space you are paying for but also includes the cost of boxes to store them in. In addition the boxes are heavy and difficult to carry when moving into or out of your self storage space. We suggest you let these keep sakes go.

Magazines in self storage

2. DStv or M-Net decoder
Strange that these television accessories would find a home in a self storage unit. This becomes a little more clear when you discover that second hand shops like Cash Converters or Cash Crusaders will not purchase the items as they become obsolete technology too rapidly. What should you do with this? Try and sell it or give it to a friend before you move-into self storage. You may even negotiate that if you need it back you can ask for it again. Pulling a dusty machine out of storage months or years later you may find will not work.

DStv decoder in self storage

3. Spices
Many of us have that bottle of thyme or the container of cinnamon sticks that we will use one day when we decide to make that thing we saw on the cooking channel that one time. If you look at your spice rack now you may see something you have used once or not at all and you have kept it ever since, sometimes for years. These spices eventually find their way into our self storage unit. After a few years in your kitchen and a few months in self storage you are highly unlikely to use it again. Throw these out before you move into self storage, you may also save yourself a broken bottle of curry powder over your mattress.

Spices in self storage

4. Passport and ID
These are not items you should be keeping in self storage. Certainly it is safe and you can get access to them whenever you need (if you have chosen the correct self storage company), however things happen and often you need these items in a rush. A passport or ID book is also relatively small and can be kept at home or on your person. They do not take up space in your self storage unit and often are difficult to find amongst all your stacked items in a well packed self storage unit. If you must keep it in self storage then at least put it in an easily accessible and memorable location in the front of your self storage unit.

Passport in self storage

5. Out of date cellular phones
Unless collecting and keeping old items is a hobby of yours holding onto these antiques is not a great idea. Sure they don't take up much space but battery leaks can damage the phone and other items that you are storing. Almost always there is no value in out of date technology, you can pick up an old Nokia 7110 for between £40 - £50 (R550 - R700) The fact that sometimes a very old and rare phone can become a sought after item may draw some into keeping them in the hope of the big score.

Cellphone in self storage Nokia 7110

There are a three questions you can ask yourself before you choose to store something.
  • Am I going to use this again?
  • Does it have value?
  • Can I easily replace this?

After checking the answer to these questions your decision to store or dump should be much easier. Happy storing.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 22 February 2013 | Tips And Hints