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Five Things You Find Out When You Are A Husband

One of the most memorable moments of life is arguably the day you get married. From then on you live your life with another person other than your parents and siblings. During the infamous "honeymoon" period what may once have been a cute anecdote about your partner becomes reality and suddenly not so cute. There are most certainly a myriad of things you may discover about your partner so we decided to keep it short and punchy. This then, is five things you find out when you become a husband.

1. If your wife is busy then so are you - but not vice versa
Ever watched your wife get up and start cleaning the house? You would do well to start helping, it makes no difference if you are playing with kids, watching the big game or about to sleep. Helping out around the house is expected and will go a long way to keeping the peace. Please note that this rule does not apply in reverse. If you are busy your wife has no obligation to be.
2. Apologise and move on, even if you win... you have't really won
Arguments... you are bound to have one at some point. The important thing to note is that you are arguing about a point of fact or opinion using some sort of logical reasoning. Your wife is not. This may be hard to swallow but the argument is only about who will win. Winning the argument leaves your wife in a losing position and thus a bad mood. This is obviously your fault irrespective of what the argument is about. By losing she will be in a good mood and then you win. So we see in this case, losing is winning.

3. Washing the dishes is almost as many points as date night
Not sure how to explain this one any further than wash the dishes. For some reason doing so has a direct correlation with happiness in your wife. We think it may have to do with the whole clean and tidy house thing.

4. Your wife will buy something because it is on special, not because she needs it
When a man goes shopping he goes for one reason. To buy a specific item he is looking for. For example a pair of shoes. He will know he wants a black pair with laces, which shop to get it in and approximately how much he will spend. He will then go to that shop and return home with that item, hopefully spending a little less than was expected. When your wife goes shopping it is to see what specials are on and buy them, even if this item is not needed and you have enough shampoo to wash the entire campus at the local school.

5. Don't forget to romance
Remember when you started dating your wife and all you wanted was to spend time with her, spoil her and tell her how much you love her? Listen up husbands... she still wants that

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 July 2016 | Take A Break