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Five Things You Learn When You Are A Brother

One of the most important people in your life will be your sibling. You share a huge amount of childhood memories and will cherish many of them for life. For many of us our siblings are among our first and very best friends. If you’re the older sibling, you also get to remind them that you’ve known them your whole life.

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Here are our top five things you learn when you are a brother.

1. It is ALWAYS your fault
As a brother you will be firmly in the firing line. When it comes to placing the blame for doing something wrong, it is very much a case of blame or be blamed. You will probably draw the short straw on more occasions than you hope to. However, this also means you will be able to get away with plenty unscathed too.

2. Nothing is ever YOURS
If you don’t like sharing, too bad. Anything that you thought of as being “yours” has turned into “ours”, it doesn’t matter if it is a hockey stick, your favourite shirt or a hoodie that mysteriously went “missing” you are now forced to share. On the plus side, there is always a closet to raid if you can get away with it.

3. You are always on back up duty
As a brother, it is your job to have your sibling’s back. Whether it’s denying knowledge of how the kitchen window broke or bailing them out of a tricky situation, you are responsible for being there for them. It may land you in what seems like unnecessary trouble at times, but being there for them is the most important thing you can do for them.

4. You are a co-conspirator or partner in crime by default
Whether it is your fault or not. Whether you were an active participant, the whistle-blower or orchestrated the entire misdemeanour. You will always be brought to task together. Equally, when it comes to keeping out of trouble, you are expected to plan and work together to make sure both of your interests are kept at heart.

5. You are not the favourite.
Everyone that has a sibling knows that despite any amount of evidence that suggests otherwise, that you are not the favourite. Even if you felt confident enough to think that you are, you’re probably tied for second place with your sibling.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 29 July 2016 | Tips And Hints