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Five Things You Learn When You Are A Sister

One of the most important people in your life will be your sibling. You share a huge amount of childhood memories and will cherish many of them for life. For many of us our siblings are among our first and very best friends. If you’re the older sibling, you also get to remind them that you’ve known them their whole life. Here are five things you learn when you are a sister.

1. How to share.
When you are a sister, the concept of “mine” ceases to exist. Whether it’s clothes, make up or shoes (if you have a sister) there is no way you can keep anything to yourself be it secrets or clothing.

2. How to give advice
If you have a brother or a sister you will always get asked for advice. Whether its advice about the significant other in your life or whether that T-shirt goes with these jeans, a sister is where many siblings make their first turn for advice. 

3. How to get away with murder
Whether it’s because you’re daddy’s little girl or mommy’s favourite, you’ll always be able to flutter your eyelashes and play as innocent as can be. At times you’ll use it to get away with things, and others you will use it to land your siblings in trouble but it’s a skill you will have honed and perfected very early on in your life.

4. How to trust
Your sibling will be your rock, the person you turn to when you really need them, and the person you truly trust. By having them be there for you in times like these, you learn what trust means and how to put trust in someone. The ability to trust is one that will be crucial in your future.

5. How To Tease.
All siblings tease and mock each other. Whether it’s a sneaky joke about that embarrassing ex-boyfriend or if it is just simply a playful joke about something silly that they’ve said or done, siblings will always tease each other and take any opportunity to make fun of each other. The ability to laugh and make fun of both each other and ourselves is what truly bonds siblings and allows them to grow close and become more than a best friend.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 August 2016 | Tips And Hints