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Five Tips You Don't Want To Miss For Moving Home

Experience can be defined as the thing you get just after you need it! So take note of our experience and save yourself some time, money and hassle with your next move. If you are moving home this weekend and not looking forward to carrying the couch, fridge and all the other items you have stacked up over the past few years. Here are five simple tips to make your move a little easier and hopefully cheaper on the pocket too.

1. Move in the middle of the month
Why is that good advice? Well most removals companies are extremely busy at this time of the month and as a result their prices vary. Similar to airline tickets that get more expensive as the seats are filled or the time to the flight gets closer, removals companies charge more at the beginning or end of the month. It makes sense, this is their busiest time of the month. It then also makes sense for you to plan your move in the middle of the month when you can get a better rate. Ask a friend of family member if you can stay with them until your new place is available and put your goods in a self storage unit until you can move them into your new home.

2. Make one trip in a van/truck instead of seven trips in a car
Following on from the point above a removals company can make the time and hassle of a move much easier for you. This is usually only evident when you are half way through your move and then realise that you would rather have done one trip with the removals van. Stor-Age offers a free* van service with your self storage unit and this can mean the difference between finishing your move after lunch or late in the evening.

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3. Use space inside furniture
Extra space inside cupboards, drawers and between chairs or couches can be used to store smaller items. This is handy when packing up your transport or when using self storage. The extra space saved can reduce the number of trips you need to move your goods or allow you to use a smaller self storage unit that will save you money. Also be aware that stacking your goods on their side, especially couches can save a lot of space. Packing your goods is like a large game of Tetris but with different rewards. Check out our self storage tips and hints for more information.

4. Get help
Many hands make light work and this is especially true when moving. You will be shocked to see the amount of collectables and not so collectables you have amassed in your home. Moving all of these items takes a lot of hard work. Call your friends and offer them some lunch, chances are they have already asked you or will need you help in future. As a last resort, see if you can get some casual labour to assist with carrying the heavier items. Just a few more people will drastically reduce the amount of time and effort to move all of your belongings.

5. Plan ahead
This is the best advice you will get for your move. Planning ahead means you can start collecting boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging materials over the next few months rather than spending all the cash in one month. You will also be able to look for a place to move without the pressure of needing it. This means you can take your time and select a new home that will also suit your pocket. A removals trip booked in advance and at the right time can be half as expensive as one booked on the spur of the moment and will give you the opportunity to book a little help from your friends.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 October 2012 | Tips And Hints