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Five Tricks To Packing Your Self Storage Unit

You may recall playing Tetris when you were younger, the game where you must pack different block sizes into the correct arrangement in order to create perfect lines. The same concept is handy when looking to pack your own self storage unit, after all, why pay for space you don't need. The idea is to rent the smallest unit size you can and save the extra cash for yourself, who doesn't want a little extra cash? After years of packing thousands of self storage units, we have found a few simple tips and tricks to make your packing a little easier.

1. Pack large items first

There are some things that just work without any explanation. Like a single sock going missing on the wash or festive lights getting tangled in a box that nobody has touched. It seems packing your bulky items first saves space in the self storage unit. The truth is it allows you to have flat surfaces to pack on top of and maximise the use of height in your unit.

2. Use the space inside
Putting a cupboard into storage is great but not if you are wasting all the wonderful storage space inside of it! Make sure you pack other smaller items inside the gaps, drawers and shelves in your larger furniture. Did you know that there can be excellent storage space between your couches? No, not down the side where the remote control hides! By placing one couch on the floor and another on top of it in an inverted position, you can store other, smaller items in the middle.

Five Tricks To Packing Your Self Storage Unit

3. Use blankets to pack your fragile items
You have to store the blanket in any case, so why not use it as fragile packing material? Instead of having a box full of linen and a box full of fragile items, you can combine the two to save space and save on the cost of packaging materials like bubble wrap and tissue paper. Simply wrap some of your valuables in the linen and then store them. Go the extra mile by making use of the space inside bulky furniture items and then you are really saving space.

4. Fold or unscrew chairs
Without a doubt chairs are the worst culprits for space wasting in any self storage unit. There is so much space between the legs and on the seating section that goes to waste. If it all possible fold the chairs or unscrew the legs to make storing them easier and take less space. If you simply cannot unscrew the chair then try and make sure you have boxes of the right size that can go underneath the chair. Ideally stacking them will save space too, often this is not possible, so think about packing these items last so you can store them on top of your other storage items.

5. Be careful with food
The last thing you want when you come back to your self storage unit is to find evidence of damage due to rodents. Best practice is not to store any food stuffs at all, however you may store plenty of items that come into contact with food and may still have some residue. Ensure you thoroughly clean all items, such as your refrigerator and eating utensils before closing your self storage unit. If you must store food stuffs, then ensure it is canned or vacuum packed.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 March 2016 | Tips And Hints