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5 Twitter Accounts To Follow If You Want To Be A Self Storage Expert

Self storage is certainly an international phenomenon. There are many reasons someone would make use of a self storage unit, from moving home, renovations, marriage, death, divorce, birth, extra business stock, downsizing, etc. It is no wonder the service has grown so rapidly around the world. As South Africans we have grabbed hold of the concept, with many self storage facilities opening their doors to cater for the ever growing awareness of the product. The convenience of having an extension to ones home so close by is one driving factor, the other perhaps at this stage, is the current under supply of quality providers that can rival international offerings. If you are looking into self storage and want to know what is out there, one great way is it to do some online detective work. Here are five Twitter accounts for self storage you should be following if you want to be a self storage expert.

United Kingdom - Big Yellow Self Storage
One of the well established brands in the UK, Big Yellow has been in operation since 1998. "We are Britain’s favourite self storage company and the customer is at the heart of everything we do." Notes the company website. This is one brand to take note of to learn about the British self storage market.

Canada - Maple Leaf Self Storage
"Maple Leaf Self Storage is a privately held, Canadian owned and operated self storage company based in West Vancouver..." The company has been offering self storage for more than 30 years and with 12 locations is one of the largest operators in Western Canada.

USA - Manhattan Mini Storage
All though serving only the greater New York area, Manhattan Mini Storage has 17 locations and has been operating since 1978. Famed for pushing the envelope with their advertising, Manhattan Mini Storage may not be the largest but is certainly one of the most innovative brands in the American self storage industry.

South Africa - Stor-Age Self Storage
Established in 2006, Stor-Age is a relative newcomer to the self storage industry. Currently there are 33 trading self storage properties with plans to expand this further. With the largest presence on social media in the South African self storage market, Stor-Age is one of the brands to keep an eye on.

Australia - Kennards Self Storage
On a trip to the USA in 1972 Neville Kennard spotted the concept of self storage and returned to Australia to establish the first Kennards Self Storage. The company has gone from strength to strength and today is one of the leading self storage brands in Australia. If you are contemplating a move down-under then this is definitely a brand to investigate.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 February 2015 | News And Events