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Five Ways To Know This Self Storage Store Is Better

With so many self storage stores opening in South Africa it is hard to tell which one you should trust with your possessions. Remember if it is worth storing then it is worth protecting. Fortunately not all of these self storage stores are the same and there are some quick and easy ways to check if the store you want to use is the best around or just a cheaper alternative. Here are five simple ways to tell if this is the self storage place for you.

1. Security cameras
Every self storage facility should have CCTV cameras. At the very least these should cover the entrance and exit of the store. Off course the security of your goods lies in the fact that your unit is locked and you hold the key. In addition it should be a lottery for any potential thief as to which unit to attempt a break-in with but it is reassuring to know that your self storage store is looking after your valuables with cameras.

Self Storage security feature CCTV

2. Weeds
This might sound strange as it really has nothing to do with storing your goods or their security. However checking to see that the gardens and premises in general is well-kept and weed free tells you a lot about the people looking after the self storage store. If they don't look after their own place do you really think they are going to look after your valuables? A clean self storage facility tells you the management is up to scatch.

3. Fire extinguishers
Another security feature, and all though we hope these are never used you don't want to find out later they are not there. Check to see there are adequate fire extinguishers on site and well within reach. Go one step further and check the extinguisher near the unit you are going to store, has it been service within the last year and is the needle on the valve in the green zone? If not run now so you won't have to run later.

4. Extras
What else does your potential self storage store offer. If the answer is nothing then move on, you are missing out. The best self storage stores offer extras like free van and driver at move-in, self storage insurance, full retail packaging store to buy self storage boxes, free use of trolleys and use of business centre computers with internet access.

5. Do they want your business?
If you get poor customer service in terms of telephone ettiquette, or they take too long to respond to your email and when they do it is poorly formatted and rife with spelling errors, or the manager does not stand up when you come into the store, they probably don't value you as a customer. Getting the attention you deserve tells you they want your business and will look after you once you start renting your self storage unit.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 29 July 2013 | Tips And Hints