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Why FMCG’s choose Stor-Age for flexibility

The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry is rapidly growing and very competitive with consumers placing high demands on price and quality. According to a new report by Neilsen, 91% of South African consumers who have access to the internet purchase online, which is presenting wonderful opportunities for anyone in the FMCG space.

In order for a business to grow effectively in the industry, it is heavily reliant on a combination of the following: an effective distribution network, safe transport routes, reliable power and communication systems. If you own an FMCG business, you may notice that operations need to be executed at a rapid pace in order to succeed in the competitive environment. Whether you provide consumers with food, homecare, beverages or personal care products, it is important to stay on top of your processes.

With a growing demand on the industry, the need for reliable suppliers has become increasingly important. Accessibility, flexibility and convenience have all become non-negotiable aspects of business operations.

Self storage provides an affordable and flexible solution

Self storage is a cost effective solution to the growing needs of businesses in the FMCG space. Conveniently located facilities that are monitored by state-of-the-art security and supported by generator-supplied power (useful during load shedding) have become a popular alternative to expensive and remote warehousing.

At Stor-Age, we understand the need to streamline logistics and operations in order to stay on top of business. That is why we proudly work alongside start-ups and SMEs to help their business grow by offering business storage solutions.

The value of business storage

In a fast-paced industry flexibility is key and we understand that the size of space that you require may change frequently. Rather than paying for an expensive warehousing rental agreement, we offer businesses the opportunity to upsize or downsize their unit depending on their needs at the time, meaning that you only pay for the amount of space that you need for as long as you need it.

We have conveniently located facilities nationwide to help with effective and streamlined distribution of products. Our friendly and professional staff are available during business hours to help you with all of your storage-related needs. 

Our facilities are monitored by CCTV-surveillance, have electronic access control and the units are insured, so you can relax knowing that your livelihood is safe. If you need to access your belongings at odd hours, select facilities even offer accessibility 24/7.

If you are running a fast-moving company and need a storage supplier that can keep pace with your needs, give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 or get an online storage quote in under 60 seconds.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 26 March 2019 | SME