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Freedom Day Space In Your Home

Are you looking for more freedom in your home? Freedom Day, celebrated across South Africa tomorrow, would be the perfect day to look at your new self storage unit. Do you have that one room, which you were planning to be a work space / baby room / chill room / games room (insert your dream room here) and now it is nothing more than a space filled with all the things you don't have a place for? Well a self storage unit could just be the key to giving you that freedom back.

Another great idea is to make the self storage unit your dream room. Stor-Age has a number of bands practicing in units, how about a baseball or cricket practice net. You could use your storage unit for storing your secret collection of star wars models or fluffy toys. It's also a great space to hide gifts or just to give you your home back. Need the freedom? Need space? Stor-Age Self Storage can help.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 26 April 2012 | Take A Break