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How to freshen up your home for 2021

Continued lockdown and restrictions mean that much of 2021 is expected to be the same as 2020, but why not spruce up your home for a bit of a fresh perspective? There are several ways to add a new look to your home and enjoy the inspiration that comes with the change. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on giving your home space a makeover, from small adjustments to bigger changes. 

Add a splash of colour

It’s incredible what a new colour palette can bring to a room. The mood can completely shift by painting the walls a different colour or adding patterned wallpaper as an accent focus. 

If your budget allows then you can also include new household accessories that complement the new colour.

Go green

Nothing adds a fresh flair like a bit of greenery. Whether you place a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table or buy a luscious calathea plant for the corner of the room. If you don’t trust your skills as a plant keeper, then you can also get a cactus to add a regal presence to your room.

Rearrange your furniture

Put on your thinking cap and move your furniture around in a strategic way. Switch the wall that frames your couch, move occasional chairs between rooms or change the side of the coffee table. 

You’ll be amazed with the new perspective that can be added by simply rearranging your furniture. 

Declutter the space

Between the festive season and the lockdown that had led us to spend more time at home, there’s a good chance that your home space has become cluttered. When you declutter your home and get rid of items that you no longer use, you are able to open up space.

You may not be ready to throw out, sell or donate these excess items, but you can always rent a safe and secure storage unit to keep these belongings without cluttering the home.

Update your photo frames 

Some people choose to hang up new wall art or move the art from one room to another to rejuvenate a space. However, there are easier, more affordable options as well such as updating the pictures in your photo frames. 

Consider all of the special memories and moments that have passed since the current photographs and pick your favourite to print and commemorate in your home.

Reboot old furniture

If you have the budget to reupholster or repair old furniture then that is a great way to freshen up a space. This also offers an opportunity to express your creativity and even enjoy a few crafty DIY exercises. 

Another option is to simply change your furniture accessories. For example, change your cushion covers or invest in a throw for the couch.

Do you have any extra tips and tricks to refresh your home? We offer conveniently located storage facilities across South Africa to help you get started on your home project. Our flexible leases for different size units offer the perfect space to safely store your items that are cluttering up your home. 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 12 January 2021 | Tips And Hints