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Furniture Storage During Renovation

Home renovations and remodelling are usually a messy job, requiring lots of time, money and physical effort. In order to manage successfully, you literally have to empty your house as much as you can. But what can you do when you have so much furniture everywhere and it’s hard to work around it? One of the best options, and a very popular one in recent years, is self-storage units for storing furniture. In fact, in such a unit you could store anything you could think of as long as it’s not hazardous or flammable. It’s easy to drive your furniture or call for a truck to pick it up, arrange the pieces inside a climate-controlled unit and then concentrate on the renovation completely. Suddenly the whole process seems much easier and you don’t have to worry that you might damage something. The fewer items you have while doing a major renovation, the better.

Make sure you pick a storage facility that is not too far from where you live, because it’ll take you a considerable time just driving to it.

Other options you could utilize when it comes to furniture storage include:

Borrowing a garage: It’s not a perfect option, but unless you have a huge house, a garage would do the job. It’s a dry and secure space and it will certainly be closer to your home.

Storage - furniture storage in self storage

Renting a back-street lockup: You’d find plenty of people who rent out their spare space, who you can trust with your furniture pieces. Check to make sure the lockup is dry, secure and waterproof. One of the worst things for furniture is moisture.

Using removal company storage: Removals companies collect the content you need stored and then drive it to their warehouses. It’ll save you plenty of time and you can get it back whenever you want. You will have less control over it, but during the renovation works it will be safe. Be careful not to overrun your contract time, or you could get a penalty fee.

Most people agree that self-storage is the best option these days – it offers the best from all worlds and it’s the safest. Renting a unit that can accommodate your furniture has never been easier. You can book a pickup and even packing services, if the storage will take longer. Shop for storage companies in your area and then compare quotes from at least 3 providers. Make sure you are given a written agreement for the job.

Home renovation is a big undertaking and the best way to manage is to make sure everything else is taken good care of. If you need most of your furniture out of the house, start looking for a storage option a few weeks before you start the work. Take the time to find the right storage solution for you.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 31 May 2013 | Tips And Hints