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Benefits that self storage offers the events industry

The events industry is one that requires long hours and hard work in order to achieve success. Output AV is one such business that flourishes in this industry. They rent sound equipment, lighting, staging, videography, screen setups, projectors and TVs for various events and functions. While this lifestyle makes the life of Gareth Aitken, founder of Output AV, very entertaining, it also means that he relies heavily on suppliers that can accommodate his flexible working hours.

When Output AV moved in to a self storage unit, the convenience of their operations improved notably. Self storage has been an effective tool in making Gareth Aitken and Output AV’s productivity optimal by providing 24-hour access to a self storage unit. This allows Gareth to have a centralised and accessible location to safely store equipment. Comments Gareth, “We work from my dad’s offices in Sea Point and it’s not practical for us to rent a huge office with storage space. Stor-Age Gardens is ideal for us as it is up the road from where I live, the rent is decent and it is centrally located – everything works for us.”

Gareth loves the flexibility that comes with owning his own business. He believes that this flexibility allows for start-ups and certain SMEs to improve productivity of business and operations. He comments, “I like to use every single minute that I have, and make it as productive as possible. Through owning my own business, that’s what I can do”.

This flexibility in conjunction with the unconventional hours of events means that Gareth often ends up working very early mornings and late nights. He comments, “We use our storage facility 24/7. The best benefit for us is that we can make a noise when we are offloading. It is safe and secure at any time of the morning. The second the gate closes behind us, we know we are safe.”


As an SME, one of the biggest challenges that Output AV faces is having to budget for the low season. Salaries and overheads still remain a budgeted expense, regardless of whether the business is flourishing. As Output AV is season-related, they make a conscientious effort to be more spending-savvy – particularly during winter.

Gareth encourages budding entrepreneurs to take action if they aspire to start their own company. He shares from his personal experience, “I’m a go-getter. If I want something, I go out and get it. I find many people spend a lot of time setting up their name and logo etc. This can work, but for me I woke up one day, decided how to do it and went out and made it happen. Things have worked themselves out as I go.”

Gareth takes business inspiration and advice from his family. He mentions that his entire family is very business-orientated and they stay connected with each other on their respective business journeys.

We are proud to be able to make Output AV’s business smoother and more convenient by providing a safe, secure and accessible self storage facility. Find out how business storage can assist with your venture. Alternatively, you can call us on 0861 18 18 18.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 December 2018 | Events and Marketing|SME