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Genius Space Saving Furniture You Have To See To Believe

Everyone knows that decluttering your home leads to a more relaxed feeling. Taking away stress can be as simple as taking away furniture, decorations and extra items you simply don't need or don't use anymore. But did you ever think you could have all of the furniture you wanted and still keep the space you desire? That is exactly what Resource Furniture has attempted to provide with their line of space saving furniture.

"Resource Furniture is the exclusive North American distributor of Clei, manufacturer of the finest wall bed systems available in the world. Clei has been the global leader in transforming furniture design and manufacturing for more than 50 years, and continues to revolutionize the industry. Far removed from the 20th century “Murphy Bed”, Clei designs and manufactures a comprehensive Living System which is so proven over five decades of research and development that Resource Furniture provides a Lifetime Warranty on all of Clei’s mechanisms."

Space saving furniture

Some of the designs are genius and are so elegantly designed that you would not know there is a bed on your wall, disguised as a piece of art. To see just how this works, watch the space saving furniture video and find out how effortlessly the designs transform into multiple pieces of furniture that will save space and afford you more storage for your collectables.

Space saving furniture

The bad news is that Resource Furniture is not located in South Africa and the high cost of importing this may put you off. The good news is you can easily get the space you need by storing your excess in a self storage unit. Check out our self storage space estimator and get a real time online quote. Who knows, by tonight you could be living in the space you always wanted.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 29 June 2015 | Tips And Hints