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Get The Rest Of The Month On Us - Stor-Age Radio Advert

Have you heard Stor-Age on the radio? Stor-Age is the first self storage company to make use of radio advertising in South Africa. The promotion has seen excellent results for converting customers due to the strong call to action, "Call us now and get the rest of the month on us." Customers are asked to give us call on 0861 18 18 18 and let us know they heard our advert on the radio and they will get the rest of the month at no cost. Now that is a great self storage tip.

Check out the two adverts to be aired on radio stations around South Africa. You can also listen to the adverts from the link on the left hand side of our blog page.

Stor-Age radio advert

Advert 1:
So the stock arrived on time for your big deal, only now they can only take delivery 30 days but you need the space for your next big deal, you're stuck with a big problem and you realise you need time to think of an affordable place where you can put it all that caters for small businesses which caters for short term storage solutions with a free van and driver... you need more space.
Go to or phone 0861 18 18 18 today and get the rest of the month free.
Stor-Age, Need Space?
T's and C's apply.

Advert 2:
'Sound of door opening'
Woman: Ugh I don't know where to put all my stuff.
Stor-Age voice: Excuse me
Woman: Where did you come from?
Stor-Age Voice: Stor-Age, need space?
Woman: I guess
Stor-Age voice: Stor-Age solves your self storage problem like this, 'click of fingers'
Woman: That's amazing (with echo)
Stor-Age voice: Next time phone 0861 18 18 18 or go to
Woman: Why don't you echo? (with echo)
Stor-Age voice: Clarity. Phone today and the rest of the month is on us (with echo)
Woman: You're echoing now (with echo)
Stor-Age voice: We aim to please. Stor-Age, need space? T's and C's apply. (with echo)

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 April 2013 | News And Events