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Getting Ready To Spring Clean Tips And Hints

It's that time of the year again... time to get into a bit of Spring cleaning. While you are cleaning it is also a great time to remove some of the clutter that has collected over the winter months. Here are a few tips and hints to declutter your home while you spring clean.

You should start your process one room at a time. For example in the kitchen you can go through each cupboard one by one removing any items that you may not need or have not used in a while. Now is the perfect time to throw away or donate old tins of food or containers of pasta that have not been used. Any kitchen appliances that may not be working can be repaired but be honest with yourself, if you have not used it in six months or more, chances are you do not need it. Sell or donate the item instead.

Move through each room of the house in a similar fashion removing items that are no longer needed and are just cluttering your home. Many people keep piles of old magazines and newspapers in the lounge or TV room, now is the time to remove them. In the bedroom cupboards you can remove all your winter clothes and put them into storage. Most people will shove these into a black plastic bag. This can be a mistake as it may cause wrinkled and damaged clothes. Instead use a box and be sure to keep the box in a cool dry, place such as a self storage unit.

The best way to get yourself motivated for the big spring clean is to open all your windows, curtains, blinds and doors to let the sunshine in. Then put on some good music and get cracking. Good luck with your spring cleaning and if you have any suggestions for a good spring cleaning song, why not leave a comment to let us know?

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 24 August 2011 | Tips And Hints