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GoodLuck launches their first music studio and GoodLuck HQ

The success of GoodLuck stemmed from humble beginnings seven years ago in the garage of Ben Peter’s childhood home. Since then, GoodLuck has grown in popularity both locally and internationally, producing iconic songs that blend an Afrobeat influence with electronic jazz.

This week their success reached a new milestone when they launched Goodluck HQ, their own music studio which will be used to produce more of their loved craft. GoodLuck HQ also promises to be a space that will produce future collaborations and provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to record their music. 

Comments Juliet Harding, GoodLuck Vocalist, “Part of what we want with this space is to be able to give back and find undiscovered talent of people that are maybe making music in their backyard and don’t have the money to get into a real facility.”

Stor-Age is proud to have assisted GoodLuck on their journey over the years by providing a safe, secure and accessible place for them to store their equipment at the Stor-Age Claremont facility.

Comments Ben Peters, GoodLuck Producer, “It is vital to have partners like Stor-Age in an industry like ours which is so transitory. You have to have somewhere central as your base. It gives us the opportunity to be centralised in our business, regardless of where we physically are.”

Stor-Age Claremont has been this home base for GoodLuck over the years. Based in the Southern Suburbs and regularly touring both locally and internationally, GoodLuck has found security in knowing that their equipment, merchandise and branding are not only safe in their self storage unit, but also accessible whenever needed.

So, what is next for GoodLuck? They recently announced an international tour and will be returning to the Netherlands in February to share proudly South African music with an international audience. They also have an exciting summer season coming up in South Africa. Music lovers can also look out for their upcoming shows along the Garden Route as part of their Get Lucky Summer tour.

We congratulate GoodLuck on their studio launch and we are excited to see how their music and their passion continues to reach successful milestones.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 November 2018 | Events and Marketing|News And Events