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How self storage can help a law firm grow their business

A common theme for any new business out there, no matter the industry, is risk. It’s a risky move to start a new venture in today’s economic climate, but it is also an incredibly rewarding one.

One such company that knows all about risk is Nozuko Nxusani Incorporated, an attorney and conveyancing firm based in Johannesburg. The company, founded by Nozuko Nxusani, has been a client of Stor-Age Johannesburg City for some time and so we spoke to Nozuko to hear more about her business and how self storage has helped it grow.

Nozuko Nxusani uses Stor-Age Johannesburg City to safely store a variety of documents.

The growth of Nozuko Nxusani Incorporated

Nozuko Nxusani Incorporated was founded in 2000 with really only Nuzuko in the business. Today the company has 75 employees, of which 18 are qualified attorneys and two are candidate attorneys, in offices nationwide.

We asked Nozuko about the start of her company and what some of the challenges were that she encountered over the many years. “I was a registered nurse and always had an eye in the legal fraternity and decided to take on this ‘risk’.  With regards to the challenges, Nozuko says navigating client payments can be tricky, “There is a risk when starting a business of having to follow up on payments in preparation for salaries and the challenge of having to pay VAT even where clients have not paid.”

Nozuko believes that to run your own business you have to be strong and be sure that you really want to be in that space, irrespective of the current economy.

The benefits of business self storage

At Stor-Age we understand the importance of cashflow when it comes to starting a business, particularly in today’s economic climate. That is why we offer flexible leases where you can stay for as little as a month or as long as you need. This flexibility means that you don’t need to commit to lengthy (and often expensive) office or warehousing leases to accommodate your business’s growth.

Our number one priority is making sure that our client’s items are safe and secure, which is why our stores have a range of security features. Nozuko comments, “When we send files/documents to our Stor-Age unit, we know they are safe. It also helps keep our offices clean!”

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 May 2019 | SME