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How self storage can help SME’s grow their businesses

Pursuing a business idea can be exciting, but the venture can also present a number of challenges along the way.

Operational challenges are usually the most common and a key objective of most businesses is to ensure that operations run efficiently in order to succeed, build growth and avoid costly obstacles.

At Stor-Age, we are constantly working alongside SME’s to assist with their business growth by offering safe and secure, convenient and flexible self storage.

We provide the perfect solution for SME’s looking to grow their business by offering a flexible and convenient space to store their business items. This way, businesses can better manage their cashflow and avoid often lengthy and expensive warehousing or office leases.

BigToe Creatives, a Cape Town graphic and design website company, is a prime example of an SME looking to expand their operations. Owner Bradley Rourke rents a unit at Stor-Age Claremont, where he stores items he doesn’t have space for in the office. We spoke to Bradley to find out more about his business and how self storage has allowed for further growth.

bigtoe creatives

BigToe Creatives’ desire to grow

BigToe Creatives is a versatile design studio which is located in Westlake Business Park, Cape Town. Their objective is to serve and grow the SME market with services which include brand development, print and digital design, web design and corporate photography.

No business gets away without challenges and often business owners have to make sacrifices to achieve their objectives. One of Bradley’s greatest challenges has been trying to achieve substantial growth, something he overcame by upscaling the business. One of the highlights so far has been growing with his customers, he says.

“I follow business advice from fellow entrepreneurs. My advice to others looking to start their own business is never to quit, but remember to take time for yourself. If you crash and burn, so will your company.”

The benefits of business self storage

We believe that the safety and security Stor-Age provides is one of the most important benefits of using self storage for your business, and Bradley concurred. “By using Stor-Age as my self storage provider, I have the confidence of knowing my items are safely stored and out of the way,” he said.

We offer state-of-the-art security at all of our stores, with selected stores featuring individually alarmed units.

If you need a business self storage solution, call us on 0861 18 18 18 or get an instant online quote.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 May 2019 | SME