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Help I Lost My Teddy In Storage

This post is inspired from a recent tweet we picked up from @TshepiVundla. She unfortunately placed her teddy bear in storage but not with Stor-Age Self Storage. This meant she didn't get the opportunity to get her beloved back.

Lost my teddy in storage on Twitter

You see there is storage and then there is self storage. Storage is sometimes more like warehousing or using cube containers packed in a warehouse. Once it is packed in there it is gone until you pay to have it retrieved or call ahead to have it moved into place for you to look through. This form of warehousing is often in industrial areas and far from your residence. In contrast self storage is far more convenient.

With Stor-Age you can find a branch closest to you that is based in a residential area. Access to your goods is free and you can come and go as many times as you like. You lock and you keep the key. At Stor-Age you will receive an entry tag for access to the self storage facility. This tag allows us to track when access is granted so you have a record for security purposes.

So what does this have to do with a teddy? Well if you choose to use self storage then you can simply head straight to your storage unit and get whatever you need whenever you need it. And it's not just teddys either. If you have ever moved home you will know that there are many things you forget or realise you need only once it is too late. With self storage you can simply go and fetch the kettle or microwave from your unit or drop off the couch that doesn't quite fit.

Help I lost my teddy in storage

We are experienced in your self storage requirements and can easily advise what unit size is best for you. Don't be caught with the screaming child who just wants their teddy, use Stor-Age Self Storage to store your valuables. Then you won't have to say that experience is something you gain just after you need it.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 October 2013 | Tips And Hints