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Here Is Why You Need A Box In Your Life

Have you ever tried to look for a box when moving home, cleaning out a room or garage, creating a school project or needing to declutter? You may have found getting a decent box, not covered in food stains or torn, is a little harder to come by than you imagined. Of course one solution is to visit any of the Stor-Age retail stores nationwide and pick up your box from our selection of packaging supplies. Many people don't realise that you can get boxes from a self storage company let alone extras like bubble wrap, padlocks, tape dispensers, permanent markers and so on. We love selling boxes but it appears not as much as people enjoy using them. Here are a few reasons why you need a box.

Cat in a storage box

For some reason if you leave a cat, dog or child with a box the first thing they will do is climb into it. A box can make a great tool for a child to let their imagination run wild... once you have the animals out of it! Pick up your boxes and let the kids decorate by putting stickers on it, painting it and then shaping it into their own creation, such as a castle, car or their very own house. Who knew boxes could be so much fun?

Dog in a storage box

Boxes are great for storage! Not just for packing when moving home, boxes are excellent when you are looking to store items long term, especially if you are looking to declutter a room. By boxing old toys, seasonal clothing and decorations, old trophies and certificates or any extra items that you do not use often you can not only clean up your living space but also ensure that your storage room is neatly packed. The boxed items will also be easier to retrieve if you pack all similar items together... don't forget to label the box on all sides so you can easily identify it later. Your cluttered garage will thank you later.

Kid in a storage box

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 06 May 2016 | Tips And Hints