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High Security Lockers

Where do you store those valuables that need a little extra protection? Some banks offer a safety deposit box but this can be costly, has very little space and it is tiresome to go through all the security checks, providing the correct paperwork and identification. In fact many banks no longer offer this service. A convenient solution is storage lockers.

These high security lockers are smaller than the traditional self storage unit and can be used to store any number of items, such as valuable documents, musical instruments, family heirlooms and even anniversary or birthday presents. Storing gifts is one of the many benefits of a self storage locker, for when the top of the cupboard or under the mattress will just not do.

Other benefits are the added security, as your items are stored behind sealed fireproof doors in vault rooms. Only you will keep the key to your locker. Access to the unit can be controlled with a biometric fingerprint reader and access to the premises is controlled via an entry tag system. Storing smaller items that you will need access to is much easier with a locker, when compared to rummaging around in a larger unit through all your boxes. This makes the use of a locker an excellent addition to your storage unit.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 16 September 2010 |