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High-Tech Cape Town Storage

The definitive and iconic Stor-Age Gardens self-storage location is the most high-tech storage facility in Cape Town. The building is designed by MLB architects and has a cool urban vibe punctuated by strong branding on one of the major routes into the Cape Town CBD. Stor-Age's Gardens self-storage location presents and imposing figure as you enter the CBD and is slowly becoming a landmark for many Capetonians. One of the things that makes this facility exceptional is its' location. Extra storage space is highly valued in the CBD, whether you are looking to store household items in an ever diminishing flat/home or you need more office space by storing extra stock and office furniture. Stor-Age Gardens is leading the way in what the public view of self storage is.

The Stor-Age development team had it's work cut out when the brief was to build the most state-of-the-art self storage facility in Africa and to put it in the heart of a major urban CBD. In addition the new facility would be four storeys with 750 units, consist of a retail/reception area to provide packaging as well as business centre for clients and all this needed to be operational within 9 months! The final product has stunning double volume glass shop front windows and is branded as the flagship Stor-Age self-storage facility in Cape Town, promoting the entire group of self storage facilities in South Africa.

There is covered parking bays for visitors, a large and easily accessible loading bay, high-tech security system, two elevators, retail area providing all ancillary packaging requirements; these are just some of the features that make up this facilities remarkable state-of-the-art self storage experience. With over 750 units planned there is a wide variety of available unit sizes, ranging from three square metres to 45 square metres. Each unit is three metres high so there is more than enough space to store all your goods.

From The Start
Stor-Age was established in 2006 and it has taken five years for the development if the this type of facility. Stor-Age Gardens is the most unique self storage facility in Africa and is comparable to any of the larger self storage companies' leading self storage facilities around the globe. Stor-Age Gardens will change South African's perception of self storage. The state-of-the-art features are exceptional for a self storage facility and the location selected is superb. However the effort and costs involved have definitely been worth it as the rate of lease-up has exceeded all expectations.

All new developments are researched in house by Stor-Age, including area specific demographics, site plans and unit mix. While this initial research is done in house there are many professionals who lend their expertise to ensure the customer is on the end of a truly world class self storage experience. The internal fit-out of the steel self storage hallway system and roll-up doors is completed by South African based Steel Self Storage Systems. MLB architects designed the iconic and eye catching facade, while Faircape construction ensured that the construction aspects ran according to plan.

The first conceptual designs and artist impressions were not far from the finished article and this is a testament to the exceptional and diligent planning that went into creating the leading self storage property and brand in Africa. The result is a building that would not look out of place in international cities where self storage has become a mainstay. Few could have imagined that this new self storage building would be anything but an eyesore in the picturesque Cape Town CBD, however one can now see it complements the rapidly expanding and cosmopolitan city centre by introducing a truly international concept on a world class level.

The benefit to the community is quite tangible as the vast majority of residents in the area live in smaller apartments that do not provide extra storage space. In addition the multitude of SME business and corporate clients that will make use of a practical storage space option on their doorstep is a benefit to ever expanding companies. With the addition of yet another high rise residential block, named Wembley Two, located less than five minutes from Stor-Age Gardens the level of demand for storage space in the CBD is set to rise. Many existing and new residences are also becoming aware of the value of self storage to control their lifestyle and living space. These new lifestyle choice users opt to store their sports, recreational and camping gear. This in turn frees up space in their own home, allowing them to declutter and enjoy the living space for which they pay a premium.

With the site identified, research completed and plans in hand, construction began on Stor-Age's Gardens self-storage location. Building in the Cape Town CBD has its own challenges, not least the residential area, free flow of traffic and critically the proposed sites proximity to the City of Cape Town Fire Station. "Honestly the Fire Chief has been very accomodating" notes Gavin Lucas, CEO of Stor-Age, who had a large responsibility for getting this project underway. The stations personnel watched with interest as the old car dealership was demolished and the big red box emerged from the dust. Lucas confirms, "The fire station personnel showed a keen interest in the construction on their doorstep throughout. After the project was completed we were able to invite them through for a walk around to familiarise themselves with the building and get to know their new neighbours."

Initial planning for site foundations hit a snag during construction as it was discovered many of the pile driven supporting beams had to be installed far deeper than anticipated. Fortunately this was overcome and the next challenge was storing large amounts of construction material on site. Ironic that there should be a shortage of storage space in the construction of a self storage facility. Many of the materials had to be left on site, including the internal hallway system supplied by 4S4. To exacerbate the situation these materials had to be kept inside to prevent exposure to the rain.

Another challenge for the team was the sheer number of professionals and services on site at any one time. With masonry, painting, electrical, HVAC, tiling, security and fire services working in conjunction with the 4S4 installation teams there were hundreds of people on site each day. That this project was completed with 9 months is a testimony to the meticulous planning and required everyone's expertise and co-operation.

Interior Features
4S4 provided the steel self storage hallway system and roll-up doors for Stor-Age Gardens. The hallway is a smooth, flush, heavy duty pier and header system. Steven Horton from 4S4 notes, "Both doors and hallways are a brilliant, gloss white colour for maximum reflectivity." This is not the only energy saving trick the new store has up its sleeve. Motion sensor lighting is installed throughout the facility to ensure no lights are burning unnecessarily. Horton adds, "The outside hallway corners were reinforced with heavy duty diamond plated aluminium to prevent damage to the system, its use has the added benefit of creating a strikingly aesthetic hallway." All hallways were also constructed with the user in mind and so the passages are extra wide to ensure the customer can easily move items to and from their unit.

The front facade of the new store extends the ideal of space with its double volume ceiling and glazed shopfront to allow the public a clear view of the reception. The reception is a welcoming air-conditioned area that has a flat screen LCD and couch area to relax as well as a business centre. The reception has been furnished with a multitude of ancillary packaging materials to ensure a complete self storage experience. The main reception office houses the CCTV monitoring station where all video recordings are checked on a daily basis. The store also has 24 hour off-site monitoring of the video footage.

The store manager, Xanadu Amod, is more than impressed with her new store and has many people coming in just to see what this new building is all about. Amod says, "The reaction is fantastic and more than one person has said it is better than a hotel... like a hotel for furniture!"

With a flagship store like the Gardens self-storage location, Stor-Age now plans to roll out even more developments and this year alone will see the addition of at least another eight properties.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 08 March 2011 | News And Events