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Holiday goodies cramping your style? Here is what to do

The holidays are over, the children are preparing to go back to school and your overflowing inbox reminds you that work has begun. The only remnant of the holidays are the goodies that have accumulated over the festive season, cluttering the home. Unfortunately, this is not the holiday spirit that you wish to have lingering.

The festive season leaves behind decorations, unwanted gifts and holiday equipment such as surfboards, kayaks and fishing rods. These holiday items take up space in the home, creating a cluttered and messy environment – not an ideal way to kick start the new year.

The truth is, you may need these items sooner than you think. Consider Christmas in July which requires a bit of tinsel and a tree, a weekend away that calls for a fishing rod and perhaps even that gifted sweater you didn’t fancy comes to your liking.

Self storage provides an opportunity to safely store your holiday goodies in a safe, secure and convenient space without taking up precious space in your home. It allows you to maximise your space in the home, while not giving up on items that you may have future use for.

Holiday goodies

Here are some tips on how to store your holiday items so that they are accessible when you next need them:

  • Pack your items in groups. For example, pack all of your Christmas decorations together and all of your snorkeling gear together.
  • Ensure that all fragile items, such as glass decorations, are adequately protected with the respective packaging materials.
  • When packing away your Christmas tree lights, make sure that you wrap them in a way that leaves them untangled. This can be done by wrapping them around your arm or using clips to hold them in shape.
  • Make sure that you clean all hobby equipment properly to remove the likes of dirt and salty water before storage.
  • Label your boxes so that you can easily find them again. A good idea is to label each side of the box so that you its contents are always visible regardless of how the box is placed in the unit.
  • In your self storage unit, pack the items that you will need more regularly towards the front of the unit.

Self storage is a great way to keep your holiday items conveniently close, without cluttering your home. View our conveniently located self storage facilities near you and contact us for a quote on 0861 18 18 18.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 08 January 2019 | Minimalism|Tips And Hints