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Home Handyman Mag Features Stor-Age Self Storage Tips

Looking for self storage tips and hints? We have many suggestions to make your packing and stacking easier. If you are moving home, changing offices, renovating or just need a little extra space then self storage is a great way to get started. We have posted a number of self storage tips and hints and our recent story was picked up by the Home Handyman Magazine.

Stor-Age Self Storage tips and hints from the Home Handyman Magazine

From recommendations on what box to use to how to correctly store mechanical items there is a great tip for anyone looking to store their valuables for long term or short term storage. Everyone needs a little space in their life and a self storage unit may just be the key. Here are five self storage tips and hints to help you with your next storage solution.

  1. To maximise space, stack similar sized boxes together and allow for walkways; pack all odd shaped items last as its usually hard to stack around them
  2. Pack heavy items into small boxes so that they are easy to lift
  3. Tables may appear large but remember that you can pack around and on top of them - legs can also often be removed
  4. Ensure that your refrigerator or freezer is thoroughly dry and stored with its doors open for ventilation
  5. Clean all garden equipment before storing, to prevent rust and to prevent pests
Do you have a self storage tip to share with us? Let us know in the comments section.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 06 December 2012 | Tips And Hints